Starring Leah Baird
December, 1918

Attractive Leah Baird comes under the wire as a successful Serial Queen in the new to-be-continued-in-our-next thriller, entitled, "Wolves of Kultur," and she is as different as she can be. It has been our wont always to classify Miss Baird as a confirmed vampire, but now she steps forward as a beautiful Nemesis, controlled by the one desire to defeat her country's most dangerous enemies. Sheldon Lewis is almost, but not quite, Miss Baird's co-star and devotes his time generously to creating "acting opportunities" for Miss Baird to rise to the heights of her artistry.
"Wolves of Kultur" is the story of Alice Grayson, a cultured young society lady of wealth and refinement possessed of an ardent patriotism which has been stimulated by the completion of the invention of her uncle of an electrically driven wireless controlled torpedo.

Visiting her uncle's laboratory one day, Alice finds he has been foully murdered by alien spies, and the plans and model of his invention stolen. Over his dead body Alice vows vengeance for his murder and for this traitorous act to America. She has learned from her uncle before he dies that "Hartman and Zaremba are responsible for this" and thus is able to plan her campaign with certainty as to the guilty parties.

Hartman, head of the gang of "Wolves of Kultur" is selected as the first to be tracked down, and Alice sets about her secret service work in business-like manner. At the same time, another secret agent is also investigating Hartman and his associates. This man's name is Roger Barclay (played by Sheldon Lewis) and throughout the serial he and Alice Grayson are at cross purposes, although both are actually engaged in the same work, yet neither knows the other's identity or purpose.

One after another the "Wolves of Kultur" are eliminated as the result of Alice's work in which she is ably assisted by Bob Moore (portrayed by Chas. Hutchinson), who has joined her in her work of fighting the Hun wolves. First Hartman hurls himself to death down a frightful precipice as the car in which he is endeavoring to escape from justice turns over and over. Later, Zaremba meets his just desserts while endeavoring to concoct further fiendish plots against America.

Thrilling automobile chases, pursuits over the housetops, with a thrilling hand-over-hand escape by means of a clothesline hanging 80 feet above the ground; Alice bound hand and foot by a mad-woman and left to die in a burning house; her escape, with Bob's assistance, by swinging on a rope from the burning house; the destruction of the wolves' lair by one of their own infernal machines; a terrific fight under water; Alice at the mercy of the archfiend, Zarmeba, now the leader of the wolves' gang.

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