starring Lon Chaney and Anita Page
November 1928

Though this is an underworld drama, the theme is exactly the same as that of "Laugh, Clown, Laugh." And Lon Chaney is again the somewhat dilapidated looking would-be lover who laughs while his heart is breaking. He is a tough detective who spends a good deal of his time protecting little Anita Page from what he considers evil companions - that is, younger and handsomer men. Anita regards him as just a nice old daddy, but he feels no more like a daddy than Daddy Browning. She almost marries him out of pity, but he learns the truth in the nick of time. This is all interspersed with robberies, shootings, and the comedy of Polly Moran. Very exciting, but I think Lon Chaney should pick on girls nearer his own age.

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