starring Marion Davies and Harrison Ford
August, 1925

I liked Marion Davies in "Zander the Great." She is just another orphan with freckles and two very stiff pigtails, but she is a very agreeable one, and I didn't mind a bit. After all, an orphan might just as well look like one. Besides, she has a very good pair of comedy legs which seemed very comic to me in long, balck cotton stockings. Later in the picture she developed curls and posed prettily.

Of course there is a brutal matron in the asylum, and the little orphan is adopted by a woman who already has a baby boy.

When her benefactor dies, the orphan and Zander, the boy, set out for the great open spaces in a flivver. They mean to find Zander's father who is lost somewhere, but they find three bootleggers instead who are zealously smuggling things across the Mexican border.

Harrison Ford is the bootlegger chief who reforms.

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