Scenes from the movie

"Bring me a rich gift, and you shall have the Princess," the Sultan tells the evil al-Talib.

 "I don't want a husband!"

 Aladdin and the Princess meet.

 Al-Talib tells Aladdin he can win the Princess if he'll retrieve the magic lamp from the cave.

 Aladdin braves the dangers of the cave to retrieve the magic lamp.

 Because of the magic lamp, Aladdin is able to bring glowing, precious stones as a gift for the Sultan.

 Al-Talib tricks Aladdin's housekeeper into turning over the magic lamp by posing as a peddler and offering to trade new lamps for old.

 Aladdin tells the Princess that al-Talib has stolen the magic lamp.

 The Sultan feigns sadness to convince the Princess she should marry al-Talib.

 Aladdin fights Omar, al-Talib's slave, to get the lamp back.

 Once he has regained possession of the lamp, Aladdin wishes al-Talib to be a fish peddler!

  . . . happily ever after!

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