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Cast: Francis Carpenter (Aladdin), Virginia Lee Corbin (Princess Badr al-Budur), Violet Radcliffe (al-Talib), Buddy Messinger (Omar, al-Talib's slave), Gertrude Messinger (Yasmini), Alfret Paget (the Sultan), Fred Turner (Mustapha), Elmo Lincoln (the Genie).

The evil magician al-Talib is in love with the Princess Badr al-Budur, but she refuses his love. However, her father, the Sultan, tells al-Talib he can have the Princess as a wife if he brings a rich gift.

Al-Talib hears of a magic lamp that is hidden in a certain cave, but only Aladdin, "a boy innocent of heart" can retrieve it. Al-Talib knows Aladdin is in love with the Princess, and tells him the lamp will win her love if he gets it. They go to the cave, which is accessed through a hole in the ground covered with a large stone. When Aladdin refuses to give al-Talib the lamp, al-Talib covers the cave entrance and replaces the stone on the entrance of the cave locking Aladdin in. Aladdin accidentally discovers the magic of the lamp and is helped from the cave by the Genie.

Attired in new, rich clothes, and with a gift of valuable stones, Aladdin goes to the palace to ask for the Princess' hand in marriage. Impressed by the precious stones, the Sultan agrees.

In an effort to retrieve the lamp, al-Talib disguises himself as a peddler who is exchanging new lamps for old. While Aladdin and his father are away, the housekeeper gives al-Talib the magic lamp for what she thinks is a better lamp.

Al-Talib's first wish is to make Aladdin poor. Then he asks the Genie for a present worthy of the Princess.

Later, while al-Talib is at the palace, Aladdin is able to go to al-Talib's home, fight off his servant, and take the lamp back. He wishes al-Talib to become a fish peddler, and al-Talib is immediately turned out by the Sultan. Aladdin and the Princess are then married.

copyright 2001 by Tim Lussier, all rights reserved

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