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On this excursion, you will be seeing the homes of the following silent movie stars:

Ben Alexander

May Allison

Vilma Banky and Rod La Rocque

Theda Bara

Bara, Arbuckle, Walsh-Cooper, Schenck-Talmadge

Bessie Barriscale

John Barrymore

Lionel Barrymore

Richard Barthelmess

Warner Baxter and Winifred Bryson

Wallace Beery

Madge Bellamy

Enid Bennett and Fred Niblo

Monte Blue

Clara Bow

John Bowers

William Boyd and Dorothy Sebastian

Alice Brady

Gladys Brockwell

Alice Calhoun

Helene Chadwick

Lon Chaney

Charlie Chaplin

Sydney Chaplin

Ethel Clayton

Lew Cody

Betty Compson

Jackie Coogan

Joan Crawford

Viola Dana

Bebe Daniels

Roy D'Arcy

Marion Davies

Priscilla Dean and Wheeler Oakman

Dolores Del Rio

Cecil B. DeMille

William Desmond

Eliott Dexter

Julian Eltinge

Douglas Fairbanks

Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford

Dustin Farnum

William Farnum

Louise Fazenda

Maurice "Lefty" Flynn

Pauline Frederick

Janet Gaynor

Hoot Gibson

John Gilbert

Gilda Gray

Corinne Griffith

Lars Hanson

William S. Hart

Sessue Hayakawa

Jack Holt

Ralph Ince

Thomas Ince

Buster Keaton

Doris Kenyon

J. Warren Kerrigan

Norman Kerry

Kathleen Key

James Kirkwood and Lila Lee

Carl Laemmle

Barbara LaMarr

Harry Langdon

George Larkin

Jesse Lasky

Gwen Lee

Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis

Jacqueline Logan

Mary MacLaren

Douglas MacLean

Tully Marshall and Marion Fairfax

May McAvoy

Tim McCoy

Patsy Ruth Miller

Tom Mix

Colleen Moore

Antonio Moreno

Jack Mulhall

Mae Murray

Conrad Nagel

Alla Nazimova

Pola Negri

Fred Niblo and Enid Bennett

Olga Petrova

Dorothy Phillips

Jack Pickford

Marie Prevost and Kenneth Harlan

Aileen Pringle

Charles Ray

Wallace Reid

Irene Rich

Theodore Roberts

Charles "Buddy" Rogers

Will Rogers

Larry Semon

Milton Sills

Anita Stewart

Gloria Swanson - country home

Gloria Swanson - Beverly Hills home

Blanche Sweet

Blanche Sweet and Marshall Neilan

Constance Talmadge

Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge and Joseph Schenck

Estelle Taylor and Jack Dempsey

Conway Tearle

Fred Thomson

Ernest Torrence

Ben Turpin

Rudolph Valentino

NEW!! Lupe Velez

Florence Vidor

King Vidor

Robert G. Vignola

Erich von Stroheim

Fannie Ward

Bryant Washburn

Kathlyn Williams

Lois Wilson

Many thanks to Tony Luke Scott for his invaluable assistance with the identification and location of the homes on this page.

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