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For lots more information silent movies and the stars, check out the links below.


Hello, Harold Lloyd!

The world's first website on Harold Lloyd by Annette Lloyd, the world's foremost authority on the great comedian!

The Virginia Lee Corbin Scrapbook

Extensive biography, filmography, vintage reviews of films, lots of photos and a letter to fans from the son of this forgotten star.

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum/Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival

Preserving the memory of the Niles Essanay Studio - also, information on the annual (June) Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival.

Rudolph Valentino's Homepage

Donna Hill's wonderful tribute to the The Great Lover.

Silent London

Not only info on the London silent movie scene, but lots of interesting information and news, as well.

Vilma Banky, the Hungarian Rhapsody

Wonderful webwite with photos, extant films, movie reviews, biography, personal information, obituaries, and much more!

The Norma Talmadge Site

Wonderful information - photos, biography, and filmography with reviews and where to buy videos.

The Official Lillian Gish Website

Licensed by the estate of Lillian Gish, this site includes a biography, career highlights, quotes, photographs, awards, and more!

Mug Shots

Home page of forgotten silent comics such as Billie Ritchie, Gale Henry, Lloyd Hamilton, Monte Banks, Charley Bowers and more!


Silent movie newsgroup, discussion, silent movie music, film preservation - it's all here!

Chaplin Film Locations Then and Now

An amazingly absorbing site that shows many then and now photos of locations of Chaplin's films, the Keystone studio, and much more!

Glen Pringle's Silent Movie Site

Silent film screenings, Silent Star of the Month, music in silent film, stars and filmmakers, and more!

Harold Lloyd

Biography, filmography, articles, photos, screening schedules, and much more on the great Harold Lloyd.

Kelly Mavromatis' Silent Movie Site

News and notes, monthly feature article, birthdays calendar, facts and trivia, and more!


Focuses on the 1922 Wm. Desmond Taylor murder, but has loads of information on the silent stars, too.


Everything you wanted to know about "The Prince of Whales."

Silent Era

Great site focusing on films, what's available on DVD and VHS, Top 100 Silent Films, etc.

The Damfinos - The Buster Keaton Fan Club

And more on Buster Keaton.

The Silent Western

Articles on Early Film, Western Heroes and Heroines, The Western Epic, etc.

Gilda's Blue Book of the Screen

Has lots of articles and links to other sites. Includes the Conrad Veidt homepage and the Ivor Novello homepage.

The Mabel Normand Home Page

Biography, filmography, books on Normand and links to many other web sites that have information on the great comedienne.

The Mary Pickford Foundation

Loads of information - photos, chronology, archival materials, film clips, screenings, filmography and much more!

The Dorothy Sebastian Website

Excellent tribut to this beautiful star - biography, filmography, photos, collectibles, tiime line, etc.

The Clara Bow Page

Lots for the Clara Bow fan - biography, filmography, picture page, articles and more.


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